Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Product picture taking tips

Basic Picture Taking

1. Use natural lighting- Do not take your pictures directly in the sunlight either. Morning or a cloudy day is perfect for taking pictures. Also cloudy days will make your colours POP!

2.Use your camera's MACRO setting which enables you to take very close up pictures and get all of the fine little details. I also like to use the aperture setting for close ups but it is a little more detailed and not all cameras have it. (ask me about aperture if you are curious)

3.make sure your background isn't to busy. Use something that will make your item stand out and not blend in to the scenery.

4. Try to have fun wile you are taking picture... try new angles and don't take pictures from above. Try to make your pictures like someone is viewing them in real life. Think of all the ways you would look at the item if you were holding it in person.

5. Brightening photos in Photo Shop... after opening your photo in PS click IMAGE and scroll down to auto colour. This will correct the colours in your picture. It works best if you have a large white area because it turns the whites white and not gray. yay Then click image again and go to the adjustments category and click brightness. You can then adjust the brightness of the picture. There are many other ways to do this but we will just start out with one for now.

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