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Friday, April 22, 2011

Submedia TV

Raekwon Concert on 420

Thursday, April 21, 2011

April 20th Art Gallery Protest

A busy day! I went to work in the morning as usual on a Wednesday all the way to North Van. I left work at 3:50, but missed the bus, waited and ended up stepping off the bus downtown right at 4:20. I was two blocks away from the art gallery and I was already in a clouds of smoke. I headed towards the gallery despite not wanting to get high and it took me 20 minutes to get through the crowd from one side of the gallery to the other! Half way through I snapped this picture. See the smoke clouds!All in all I was excited to see the cops doing nothing to the people standing next to them lighting joints but, mostly I ended up with the munchies from just being in the smoke. So a few friends and I went to a traditional Saudi Arabian and Lebanese restaurant hidden away at 1065 Granville St. It is seriously good food.

Wednesday night updates of the Reakwon, Snack The Ripped, Evil Ebeneser and Young Sin concert coming next...

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Good Times at the W2 Storyeum

Some not so good videos of a great night last Thursday at the W2 Storyeum!! Some that also played, but that I didn't get any video of was The Librarian check her out on My Space for some good beats!!

Views From The Sky Train

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skytrain, tree's, graffiti

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

W2 Members' Film + Music Nite Video Montage

Standing in the Woodward's building listening to Irwin talk about the plans for the W2 Media Cafe while next to us in the atrium teenagers were playing music and break dancing. What Irwin explained to the group and the atmosphere really brought the plans for W2 Media Cafe into perspective for me.

The W2 Cafe will be a multi-media space open for the public to learn about technology, media, music and more. The best part is that it is basically community run, the future of what happens in the W2 Media Cafe is up to the public for suggestions and everyone can bring their skills in to help our community learn new things that they might not have gotten a chance to otherwise.

Take a look at the video montage of the Cafe tour and film night below for a sneak peak of to expect when the W2 Media Cafe opens.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

W2 Members' Film + Music Nite

As the W2 community arts society gets ready to open the new community media arts cafe at Woodward's, they are taking a look back at where we came from threw film, words and music. If you've been to the temporary W2 spaces in the past and want to learn more about what W2 has planned for the future you can get connected, learn about the history and volunteer as W2 builds a collective future!

If you are interesting in getting connected Friday's movie night is the perfect time to come down and see what you can offer the community. There will be sign up sheets for the following categories;
  • Communications (Street Team, Digital Media, Video)
  • Fund Raising (Programing and capital projects)
  • Finance (Advisers, Cafe Social Enterprise)
  • Technical (Set ups and take downs, Live trouble shooting, Staffing during events)
  • Education (Advisers on various educational projects, Summer Camp, Media Labs)
  • Warehouse Show Working Group
  • W2 Media Cafe Working Group
A preview of the night...
'With Glowing Hearts' is a feature film about W2, the DTES, 2010 Olympics & Social Media. It followed W2's development for over a year to make this documentary.

'Woodsquat' - where did all this project begin you ask?

Find more videos like this on W2: Community Media Arts Vancouver BC

Friday April 8th
8pm-10pm W2 history and get connected with movies, chatting and enjoy complimentary drinks and hors d'oeuvres
11pm-3am After Party
Rapid Fire Records presents:
A F T E R - P A R T Y P R O G R A M >>> 11pm-3am
$5 at door (for those arriving after 11pm)
Pari Kishi
The PhonoGraff
Kaglar Omega
Elonious Funk
produced in association with Rapid Fire Records

ONLY $2 entry for members, $5 for friends/public.

Learn more and rsvp by going to the Face Book event.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

False-O-Ween April Fools at W2 Storyeum

Video By: Sakura Yoshita

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Live, Love, Dream ART

Why do I live, love, dream and dedicate my life to art?

I shot this photo between Pender and Hastings on Abbot st in the DTES. It really caught my eye because there were several crows around it and it was almost at the bottom of the electrical box... so low that I wondered who the person was who drew it and how long it took them to sit there and do it.

Art has been a part of my life since I can remember so it isn't that big of a surprise that I have such a passion for it. But what fuels that passion? Why is art such a great thing? Well I respect an artist who defies the normal way of doing things and takes a chance to do something that they are passionate about. Art is all about passion, dedication and expression. So to see someone doing what they love instead of working 9-5 at a random company that they may not even care about makes me happy. You can tell that even if they are not rich they are satisfied with life because they are doing something that is important to them. Meeting people like this with strong passions and the will to take action truly inspires and amazes me! I remember about 4 years ago knowing that I would never be happy working at a grocery store and thinking to my self that no one would understand that I had to do it differently. I am so glad that I am a stubborn person and held out till I found what a truly wanted to do.

Talent At Home

Woot Woot Vancouver!

Check out some more music by Brendan on Sound Cloud! :)
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