Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Goodbye 151 Cordova

Goodbye 151 Cordova!!
Today we cleaned out the last of the dust and stuff that was in the W2 Storyeum.

The emptiness was a drastic change from the Moving Party on Friday.

As we swept up the last trace of our times in the storyuem it started to really set in that we are moving.
I have only been working at W2 for two months and attending events since new years, but the Storyeum has been open since last April! That is one whole year that has been full of amazing events!
And to put the finishing touches on the clean up we all took our turns pulling the W2 logo off the front entrance!

The end has come for the W2 Storyeum, but we are moving across the street to the W2 Media Cafe in the Woodwards building so while we all will miss the Storyeum we are also excited to move into the W2 Media Cafe where we can do so much more!

To find out more about W2 Media Cafe check out the W2 Website.

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