Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Cure 2009-week two

It's week two of the fall cure and this week is all about doing a thorough cleaning of let's say the kitchen, which is my worst enemy! Thank goodness we just moved in a month ago and we do not need to clean it that thoroughly. We did that when we moved in! Though I still should do some organizing and crumb clean up. Oh and the fridge! The fridge could always use a clean!

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In this picture you see the area in our kitchen where the dirty dishes and recycling always seem to congregate. I guess the walk to the front closet to the recycling is too long, not to mention that exhausting reach into the dishwasher!


  1. The kitchen is really a horror to clean. I despise it too!

  2. Haha I really think most people do!


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