Saturday, March 27, 2010

Etsy Finds: Early Bird or Night Owl?

I was doing my daily routine this Saturday, list some items on Etsy, make a new bracelet and renew a couple of things when I start to get a whole pile of sales!! I thought, well hey maybe everyone just got their tax returns. Cool! Then I happened to look at the who hearts this shop page and I see that I got over 100 new hearts today!!! That is when I found out that I was featured in ones of the Etsy Finds post on the Etsy Blog. And of course closely followed was a happy dance! :)

The feature was called "Early Bird or Night Owl?" there were early bird items on the left and night owl items on the right. My Midnight Moon necklace was one of the night owl items!!! It sold right away which is very exciting.

If I were to choose early bird or night owl I would have to choose night owl. I always seem to be way more creative and I love the peacefulness of the night. There is something about the cool crisp air on a summer night that is so energizing. Which one are you early bird or night owl?

NOTE: I am all out of this necklace, but I will be getting some more mystic quartz soon.


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  2. First of all, congrats! I saw your necklace in the Finds email--it's lovely! I too love those balmy summer nights! And no matter the season, I always enjoy the quiet of a sleeping house as I work away at whatever new project has me in its grasp. Sometimes I get so into what I'm working on that I stay up entirely too late! But working at night is magic. It's as if being so close to sleep pulls ideas out of dreams into your wakeful mind.

  3. I saw your on the finds! Congrats! :-)


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