Monday, May 31, 2010

Purple Boxes and Portobello West

portobello westThis is my table at Portobello West on Sunday May 30th. The purple boxes are new and I can say that I am super pleased with how they ended up looking. I finally found a way to add some colour to my display. Which it was definitely lacking before!

art and fashion marketThe over all day went really well. There wasn't a whole lot of people coming in but there was a steady stream right up until 5:00 or so. I am not doing any more shows this year until October or November. I think that it is to much of a hassle to do the out side shows that usually happen in the summer. You have to think of the elements like wind, rain and sun then modify your display to work with all that. Plus the scorching hot weather! I would rather just focus on my Etsy shop and getting my jewellery into local shops during the summer. What is everyone planning on doing for the summer? Will you do shows or focus on something else?


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  2. wow your display looks great! I have two shows planned for this summer one in June and one in August. I've never done an outdoor show with a tent so this should be very interesting :)

  3. It looked great Zoe, the pop of colour really was eye catching!
    So nice to meet you :-)

  4. Thanks Jaime! Was nice to meet you to!!

    Lindsay... make sure you tie your tent down!!! I have seen way to many fly away in the wind.


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