Saturday, May 22, 2010

A New Look, Oxidized Metals

I have really been into the look of oxidized sterling silver lately. It fits right in with the dreamy and mysterious style of Sleepy Moon jewellery. I have many plans for the close future using oxidized silver in mixed metal jewellery. Actually there is a couple designs already in my etsy shop.

At the last art and fashion market I did, a lady asked me what the black chain was. When I told her she said "Hey, that is cool! So I guess I can just stop polishing my silver jewellery?" Well in a perfect world maybe, but it wouldn't get that solid black look like it does when using the proper methods. Although when you buy oxidized sterling silver jewellery you get the same benefits of sterling silver with no polishing necessary!! That sounds just as good to me!

Actually when I oxidize the jewellery I make I don't have to go through the very long process of polishing all the silver before a art and fashion market or even every time I make a sale. Which makes me happy! :)

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