Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Jewellery party had great results

Yay, the jewelry party went great. I got to show everyone my jewelry in person and they had as long as they wanted to look at it. I really think that at craft fairs people rush by the tables to quickly to really look at everything there.
We also had a couple of games that we played and a give away. I had to pieces of jewelry that I wrapped about 5 to 10 times each and had everyone sit in a circle. I then told them to unwrap one layer and pass it to the next person and the person who unwraps the last layer gets the prize that is inside. I contemplated putting 20% off cards in the prizes as well but did not end up doing that. Maybe next time.
For the give away that was a draw I went around and asked for every ones name and email on a piece of paper and then drew two names for the two prizes I gave away. The winners both loved their prizes it couldn't have worked any better.
This was also a great opportunity to start a mailing list...

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