Saturday, January 23, 2010

Childhood Arts and Crafts

When I was growing up I was always surrounded by arts and crafts. My mom is an artist so she was always painting. We used to do some kind of crafty project together everyday. There is one painting in particular that she kept over the years and is now hanging in my son's room. I think I was about three years old when we made it.
Here is a photo of it:

Now I plan on doing the same with my two year old son. I strongly believe that my childhood art making has evolved into my love of handmade and my creativity in making jewellery. With that in mind, I've started a book for him to draw in so that I can see the development of his drawings over the years. I see it as the first in a series of many little sketchbooks. I think that they will be something small and easy to keep and I also think it will be fun for him to look at when he's older. Right now he can make lines, circles and dots. I can't wait to see how he draws stick figures and all those fun things!

What are some crafts from your childhood that you remember?



  1. Wow that's a great idea to do, it got me thinkin that I should do something like that with my children in the future!

    And that photo is so creative for a three-year-old!

  2. One memory I cherish is an afternoon spent with my maternal grandmother. She was a huge artisan, working to create traditional Hawaiian crafts with traditional methods, so that afternoon, she taught me how to weave bracelets out of lauhala leaves and how to create flowered wreaths. I still have those bracelets I made with her - they're sitting on my dresser right now.

  3. That painting is adorable. I love it on the turquoise wall.

  4. My Mum was an early childhood academic. You would think that she would have treasured our childhood drawings but she kept nothing! Only now I'm older I can see that the reason for this is probably because she was inundated with childrens' drawing her entire working life. I on the other hand have stashed my boys' art all over the house. We have plastic on our dining room table and the latest artworks are put under it to show them off. When we run out of room the old ones get stored and the best get framed. My little one loves to draw and I've done the same as you. He has his own sketch book and I love looking at his drawings.

  5. Hi Zoe,
    When I was a little girl, I loved making curious potions and perfumes from flower petals, cordial and other strange things from the kitchen. I'd make up little labels for them and magical properties. Just remember to pour them down the sink when the game is over!


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