Tuesday, April 12, 2011

W2 Members' Film + Music Nite Video Montage

Standing in the Woodward's building listening to Irwin talk about the plans for the W2 Media Cafe while next to us in the atrium teenagers were playing music and break dancing. What Irwin explained to the group and the atmosphere really brought the plans for W2 Media Cafe into perspective for me.

The W2 Cafe will be a multi-media space open for the public to learn about technology, media, music and more. The best part is that it is basically community run, the future of what happens in the W2 Media Cafe is up to the public for suggestions and everyone can bring their skills in to help our community learn new things that they might not have gotten a chance to otherwise.

Take a look at the video montage of the Cafe tour and film night below for a sneak peak of to expect when the W2 Media Cafe opens.

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