Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Latest Obsession: Fashion Photography

In my past life I dabbled in photography.. OK three years ago. My photography taking days kinda got taken over by product photos ever since I started making jewellery. Lately I have been inspired by the hundreds of beautiful blogs featuring amazing fashion photography and I wanted to share...^

As you can probably tell I love the wispy fairy tale vibe photos and I recently shot photos for my fall 2010 collection with this in mind, but it didn't work out. Partly due to the atrocious yellow back ground I had to work with and that you couldn't see any of the jewellery with all of the photo shop effects. I am still playing with the photos and am leaning towards black and white with a pop of colour, but we will see. ;)


  1. You are extremely talented in so many ways!! You inspire me :)

  2. You are so kind! :) I am glad I inspire you! Thank you so much for commenting you made my day!

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