Thursday, June 11, 2009

Necklace Cards

Here is a look at what I did last night, necklace cards!!! I am just so happy with them! I used the 4x6 photo paper, my home printer and my mom, the designer. Find her work at (Racket creative).

These are very simple and look great. I put a very simple design on the front so that it would not draw peoples attention away from the actual piece of jewellery. My logo is on the back and I printed it up side down so that when you fold it over it is right side up. I cut slots on each side where the fold is for the necklaces to hang on. You can also poke holes when you need them for earrings.

I also like that they create a little stand to show off your jewellery at stores or at craft sales! I put the price tag on the back so that the price is marked, but people still have to interact with me to know how much they are.

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