Saturday, September 26, 2009

Jewellery For Your Tree

I am now making these new Christmas ornaments I like to think of them as
jewellery for your tree!

I will be making single ~One Of A Kind~ Gemstone decorations as well as sets of four, six and eight, matching ornament sets. These would make perfect gifts for a loved ones first Christmas away from home, an office Christmas tree or gift exchange even parents and grandparents!
I have designed them so that I can keep them very affordable! Though if you want to go all out I will gladly take custom orders.

Its almost time to start Christmas shopping and if your doing your Christmas shopping online or on Etsy you will want to order things even earlier because you have to take shipping time into account. I know I have been checking things as favourites for future present ideas. I know that I am going to get everyone a different handmade soap and maybe some lip balm. Do you know what are you getting as gifts from Etsy?

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