Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Timothy Adam

Many people will already know who Tim Adam is, but I thought I would share any way for the people who do not!

Tim adam is an Etsian who designs things with metal such as jewellery, art, furniture and jewellery displays. (which are all very unique and stylish by the way)

Timothy Adam has also dedicated his time to helping the handmade community with things like marketing and blogging. On his blog you can find many helpful how to's for selling on Etsy or Artfire. In fact everyone should have his blog book marked in there browsers!

Tomothy's blogs!

Timothy's Etsy and twitter!

Don't have time to search through Handmadeology? Try these four sites that I have bookmarked
Tips For Blogging Success

Google Search Tip (highly recommended)

Photography 101

Social Bookmarking In A Flash

1 comment:

  1. Thanx for reminding me to check out Timothy's Site! It's been too long since I learned something from him! What a wealth of kindly offered tips!



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