Thursday, September 3, 2009

September's HUGE Sale

These are some September earrings!

September is my favorite time of year!
First of all it is my birth month and second of all I love the weather. I just find it such a relaxing time of year. The extra moolah I get for my birthday doesn't hurt either! HeHe


So for my birthday I am throwing a HUGE SEPTEMBER SALE in my Etsy shop. Everything will be discounted 15% from now until September 17th!!


I also just moved to a different apartment and finally got my internet back. So I apologize for not blogging for a whole week. We got the cable/internet guy over to hook up internet and cable the day we moved in, which was Monday. After he left we tried to turn on the TV and hooked up the computer, but they both were not working. He couldn't come back until today, Thursday. Well it turns out that all the problem was, was a switch on the back of the box that had been turned off. So I went four days with out the computer for nothing.
Oh well I guess it was like a holiday!


  1. Happy September! And happy to hear that the move went (almost) very well!

  2. Thanks Lena! I am really enjoying the new place!


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