Saturday, September 5, 2009

Work Space Almost Complete

This is my new studio workspace in my very own home!

I am very excited to start working in my own little area! It is going to be way better than working on the dining room table and having to clean everything up for lunch and dinner time! I still have a few storage problems that I need to tackle though!

I never know where to store my jewellery designs after I have made them. It can get to be a lot of jewellery to store! Right now I am keeping them all in there own little plastic zippy bags, but I don't like the thought of wasting all that plastic.

One of the ideas that I have thought of is getting a little metal filing cabinet with shallow but skinny drawers that I can lay those black jewellery display trays in and stack them maybe three high in each drawer. Then I can lay the necklaces and earrings out neatly on them without them getting tangled!

Does anybody else have any jewellery storing tips for me? How do you store the jewellery that you make? I would love to here any suggestions!

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