Friday, August 27, 2010

I Want to Play With Fire

I know what my next learning venture is going to be! I am finally going to teach my self how to solder sterling silver. I feel that I am limited to what I can do in some aspects without being able to solder metal. Like for instance I can make wire wrapped rings, but they really are not what I want to make. I have these visions of pieces of jewelry in my head, but I need to know how to solder to make those visions come to life.

So that is why I am taking the plunge and I am totally ready to play with fire!

The ring photographed above is an example of my frustration and me playing around with ring designs. It is pretty in the picture, but doesn't quite work in real life. I just need to get that one more tool and I could do it properly.

Can you tell I spent the day shopping for new tools?


  1. Thank you for the comment! Your jewelry is so beautiful! I will definitely be checking out your etsy shop :)

    I'm now following!
    Hope you will follow too!


  2. Yes! I found your blog yesterday I love it! Thanks for visiting. :)


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