Monday, August 9, 2010

Woodland Creatures Jewelry

I have always loved animals and it is about time that I included them in some work! I do live right next to one of the worlds largest rain forests which is bustling with woodland creatures, the forest is called the Great Bear Rain forest.
This is my woodland creatures collection.

woodland creatures owl necklaceSterling Silver and Sapphire Owl Necklace
There is something mysterious about an owl sitting on it's tree branch in the dark of night with its big yellow eyes and the only light is the light of the moon shining through the trees.

Handmade fox necklaceBrass Fox Necklace
The fox moves swiftly through the forest, like a single red flame playful and energetic. Ducking under branches and squeezing through cracks. Chasing it's food for a delicious snack.

handmade sterling silver bear necklacePetite Sterling Silver Bear Necklace
A big grisly bear eating berries from a bush, wondering to the river to catch some fish. Filling up for the long winter where he can rest in a cave and sleep until spring wakes him up again.

If you have a favourite animal and you would like a necklace made feel free to contact me.

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