Sunday, August 29, 2010

Studio Makeover

This weekend I have taken on the big project of replacing my work table legs with more sturdy ones. This whole job includes taking everything off of the desk so I can take the legs off. Above is the many tools and knickknacks that live on my work table.

In this photo you can see the wimpy little legs that were drilled into a hollow piece of wood which was my table.. yeah not so sturdy!

Here is the new and improved work table with secure legs that are also useful storage! You can never have to much storage especially at arms reach. Inside the desk is my son. He is pretending that it is a taxi.

Speaking of storage at arms reach here is my new favourite drawer with all of my most used tools perfectly accessible.

And here is the finished product! :)

... Unfortunately the other side of the room is still a huge mess being full of the things I didn't feel needed to go back to the desk. So off I go back to work on that.


  1. lol! Those drawers will prove to be handy! Great work space!

  2. Fantastic makeover! And great drawers!


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