Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Eco Friendly Wrapping Ideas


If you are a seller on Etsy or of any kind or maybe you are an ordinary, every day gift giver. If you are you will love all these eco friendly wrapping ideas that I am going to share with you.

Less Is More, More Is Less
You might have known someone or been someone who wrapped their presents in 15 or 20 layers of wrapping paper just to watch the persons face while they unwrapped it. I know I was and it was fun, but times have changed and simplicity and style are better than Santa Claus paper and reindeer patterns. Try simple brown paper with some ribbon or a pretty plain colour of paper.

Don't Throw It Out
Instead of throwing all of your scrap fabric out you could sew it together and make cool patchwork wrapping "paper" out of it. Or you could use your old news papers that you might other wise have thrown out or better recycled it! Think... it's like giving the gift of being kind to the earth for Christmas.

Reduce Reuse And Recycle

To reduce your supplies in wrapping you can forget about the tape and just use ribbon to hold the paper closed.To reuse you can use old fabric to wrap your gifts. I have to say this method is probably one of the most creative and elegant looking ideas. Check out this VIDEO for some how too's. And if you are reducing and reusing when wrapping your gifts this year you are recycling!

Add A Touch Of Colour
For all the brown paper and newspaper you use you can always add a touch of colour with some nice ribbon. I like to use brown jewellery boxes for my necklaces and tie some turquoise and white ribbon around with a little tag attached that says to and from. I also have a hand drawing on each tag done by my mom who is a great artist!

Please feel free to share any of your ideas as well! I would love to here them!


  1. The brown paper and ribbon is a nice idea - I think I'll go with that for my Christmas wrapping. Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. I like the fabric idea, if I had fabric to use :)

  3. DaisyFluer: Glad you found something you liked! I will probably be wrapping some like that too!

    Lindsey: Do you have a fabric store near you? If so they probably have a clearance section where you can find little pieces that would be great for wrapping!

  4. I take smaller pieces of leftoverfabric and make gift bags. People like them, and I've noticed I'm starting to get them back the following year! Great for the environment!

  5. That's great that people are reusing them! Knitwit!

  6. Cool idea! I have always wanted to try furoshiki, the Japanese fabric wrapping art (like your first photo). Here is a site I found:

    I always say I am going to and haven't - this year I will make a serious effort! I want to go to thrift stores and buy some Christmas clothes and cut them up and use the fabric to wrap presents. We'll see if I actually get around to it! :o)

  7. Victoria~ The thrift shop christmas clothes idea is great! I am going to have to try that and you should to i am sure people will love it! The furoshiki wrapping seems really fun doesn't it!

  8. Last year I decided to be environmental and tried to wrap my gifts in newspaper. Won't be doing that again until they figure out a way to print newspaper that the ink doesn't come off onto everything. It was very messy lol.

    So I'd like to try the brown paper, where is everyone getting the brown wrapping paper and out of curiosity how is it more environmentally friendly then the matte (recyclable) Christmas paper?

  9. Any paper is recyclable... I guess the matte paper is better because they do not put varnish on it.

    As for the brown paper usually they have not used bleach in the paper to make it white like other paper.

    So if you look for matte brown paper you will get both benefits.

    The brown paper is sold everywhere! I got some at the dollar store the other day. I have also gotten it at staples.

    That is also a good point about the newspaper! You could try magazines or old books if the presents are not to big.

  10. this year a few of my Mom friends and I are getting together for a craft date with the kids. Our plan is to decorate newsprint with potato prints which we'll use for gift wrapping. I may save some newspapers to use as well.

  11. Wonderful suggestions, Zoe!

    My inlaws have been using fabric bags for gift giving for years, and I adopted this idea when I joined the family. It is a wonderful idea, and you can personalize each bag with their name, or by choosing a fabric that is uniquely "them". Each time the gift is received, you get the bag back to fill again for the next time.


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