Friday, November 6, 2009

Art For Lunch

This week on Art For Lunch we have these two art prints
from Kat Hannah on Etsy.

Here we have, Im Off to See the World
The boy looks so pensive. Maybe he is a bit sad or hesitant to go out into the world. Even though he looks sad he is still very cute and that is why I love this painting.
Here we have, Letting Go
This painting also has a sadness quality, but is meant to help you move on and become stronger! As the artist says, "This work symbolizes letting go of thoughts or actions which may hold you down."

Also check out some of her other art prints like:
Here We Go

Art For Lunch stays up for a whole week!
Remember to check back next Friday for more
amazing art and talent!
If you have some art that you really like please put a link to it in the comments and I will consider it for next weeks Art for Lunch!

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