Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Reviews On Places to Advertise

If you are thinking about paying for advertising, but you don't want to take the risk of wasting your money, here are three places I have tried and a review on each one.

Etsy show case
The Etsy show cases cost either 7.00 or 15.00 which isn't to bad, but they don't always work out. I have purchased about 10 of them and sometimes I got a lot of views, but no sales. I got the most views when I sat at the computer all day and kept switching the item that was in the show case ever hour.

Cost: 7$ to 15$ for one day.

Over all: The Etsy show case is not rated high on my list of places to advertise. The place you want to be is the front page!
Craftser has a huge audience about
850,000+ readers and 8.5 million page views per month! Though I did not get any sales from this add. I did like that they offered a page where you could view your clicks and impressions. I got about 1 click per ever 2000 impressions. Sounds terrible right... well not to terrible. I ended up getting about 150 clicks by the end of my 5 day period.

Cost: 25$ for 5 days, 35$ for 7 days, 70$ for 14 days. I got an Etsy discount which was announced in the Etsy newsletter. It was 19$ for 5 days.

Over all: I probably would not advertise with craftster again, but I think that it would be good for someone selling smaller lower priced objects. Jewellery is always hard to sell because it is not a necessity.

Craft Cult
I really liked advertising with craft cult! The prices were not to high and I did get a lot of traffic through my shop. I would get a craft cult add around the holidays like mother's day, Christmas or Valentines day. Then more people will be actually looking to buy and it might turn all those views into sales.

Side bar ad: 15$ for 7 days or 55$ for 4 weeks
Carousal ad: 15$ for 4 days or 25$ for 7 days

Over all: I loved advertising here! It was not disappointing at all I even gained a really great customer from it! Though you do have to make your own add images and size them. Which not every one can do. If any one wants to advertise, but does not know how to use photo shop I would be happy to help them make a simple image. Or you could probably find someone selling that service on Etsy. Just search "advertising image". You are bound to find someone in the sea of Etsians.

If you have advertised with any of these places or other please share you experiences with us, I would love to here all bout it!


  1. I'm currently advertising with Pikaland at $35/month and Kind over Matter blog which is having a sale and I got 2 months for $25. I have advertised on Pikaland before and was happy with how many clicks I got but most viewers are artistic peers I think. So far "Kind..." hasn't been that many but I'll see after a month.
    Thanks for the great post.

  2. Thanks for sharing with us Ieandyment! I have never herd of Pikaland before! I will have to go take a look!

  3. I am currently advertising on cafe handmade and the carousel of craft cult so I will be putting up another post soon!


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