Sunday, November 15, 2009

Why Do You Love Handmade?

I believe that we should support handmade because it is a beautiful thing! All the wonderful designers put their hearts into their work because they are truly passionate about it, they also assure great quality and craftsmanship and are able to create something of meaning rather than a mass produced baby blanket from wal-mart or pair of earrings from the drug store. Buying handmade is a great way to keep the culture alive and the creativity flowing!

So... why do you love handmade? Please share your opinions! We would all love to know!


  1. I like handmade because you know each item was created with thought, care and a desire to make someone happy!

  2. I agree, handmade is a way to keep creativity alive, it's like taking home a little piece of art! You're always assured you're getting a unique, one of a kind piece.


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