Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Enthusiasm, Where is It?


On a good day enthusiasm is there and I am ready to take on the world, but sometimes I wake up on the wrong side of the bed.. or maybe I just stayed up to late making jewellery the night before and I have to do somethings to find it. What really gets me going and makes me totally enthusiastic about my work is reading the feedback that I get from customers and admirers.

These stones are gorgeous, and the earrings are the perfect size and very well made. " -Customer

"Gorgeous! Simple yet beautiful design with quality materials! Quick delivery, great seller." -Customer

"I am very impressed with Sleepy Moon Design. They sent a message letting me know they shipped, and I received them in a couple of days. The workmanship is so wonderful with a fresh simple design, exactly my liking! Wonderful!" -Customer

"My wife wears this every week, it's one of her new favorites! " -Customer

Just reading those few sentances reminds me how much i love to be able to provide beautiful pieces people all over the world will cherish for years to come and hopefully make them feel like a super star while wearing them! Maybe even some of my enthusiasm will carry on to them through the design and art of the piece.

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