Thursday, July 15, 2010

Vancouver Indie Crafters Treasury's

Hey everyone! I recently started a thread in our emails called "Lets all make treasury's and get on the front page!!" If you are here you probably already read it though. :)

I just wanted to put all of the info that is talked about in that thread in one place. Especially since several different emails have been started. So here it goes...

We are all getting together to create treasury's that feature our team members in hopes of promoting each other and maybe even getting some front page action!

Each week we will have a theme for the treasury's we will be making. For example this weeks theme is pink and grey. Inorder to be featured in these treasury's you need to tag some of your items with "vanindiecrafters". There is no need to tag every single thing in your store, just as many as you like.

To make a Vancouver Indie treasury go to treasury east. You can either search vanindiecrafters in the etsy search bar or for now while there are not a whole lot of people who are tagging their items. You can find a list of our team members on the team profile page.

After you are done your treasury tag your treasury with descriptive words and don't forget to include the tag vanindiecrafters. So your treasury will show up in this list when people click on the tag.

If you have any suggestions or ideas for treasury themes or anything else please mention it in the comments or in the Vancouver Indie Crafters emails.


  1. That's a great idea! I will make sure to tag a few of my items with that tag. Cheers! Beautiful selection by the way.

  2. Awesome idea. Just joined the group and love making treasuries! I will also be sure to tag some of my items.

  3. We started a forum thread to talk about all the treasury's too!

  4. Hey this is a fantastic idea! Thanks for being so supportive of other Vancouver designers/crafters!

    Hopefully this will motivate me to post more items! Gotta get on this!


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