Monday, July 12, 2010

Expanding... NEW Website!

Being a Canadian and shopping on Etsy can sometimes be frustrating!! You are browse through many things that you love, add them to your cart, go to pay and then realize that it is going to be 5-10 dollars more in CAN dollars than it said the total would be. While sometimes you love the item so much you don't care and you pay the extra money, but I bet it deters a lot of people.

So I have been contemplating opening my own little website for my lovely Canadian customers and the other day I found a great way to do that!! Ever heard of It's a place where you can have your own webpage to sell things. Kinda like Etsy, but you can sell in whatever currency you choose! So I chose to sell in CAD dollars. I only have a couple listings up their so far, but if any one has any requests on items that they would like to see in my bigcartel shop just let me know! I will transfer them over there from my Etsy shop.

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