Saturday, July 3, 2010

Home Decor

I have been temped to totally redecorate my living room lately! Here are some things I think would look great in my home!

By: Red Hot Pottery
I keep seeing this around etsy... and I think it is so cute!
By: Nou Wall
I love the calming forest vibe this wall decal gives!

By: Laura Lights
This lamp looks like it would give the perfect amount of light for reading next to! I love the pattern too.

By: Bacon Square Farm
This table is absolutely gorgeous! I live the flower and the leaves in the middle. I think this table would totally complete a room!

By: Bestillshop
There is nothing like a bright pop of colour in a room and a good way to ad that is with throw cushions.

By: Water Bears
A room is never complete without some art! Aren't those little characters cute?


  1. I love your blog! You have such great ideas for decorating! I love all my Ikea stuff, but we only get to go once every few months. I am so excited that I am starting to work with people from etsy! Thanks for signing up for my giveaway!

  2. Lovely collection of decor items! Thanks so much for including my pillows. Best, Sarah

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